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Here are the top COVID-related questions we've received from families and their answers. We will continue to add to this as we have more information to share.   


  • Please follow this flowchart for what to do if your child has any symptoms of COVID-19 or had a known exposure to a positive case.  

    Check the Snohomish Health District website for the most up-to-date information on testing sites.

  • If you feel you, your child or other family member should be tested for COVID, there are several locations available. You should first contact your medical provider for guidance and assessment if you have any COVID-19 symptoms or other health concerns. 

    Snohomish Health District has a list of testing resources and other resources. 

    Cost of testing and operating hours vary depending on location. The list is updated as frequently as possible. Please contact the testing provider directly for up-to-date hours, to make an appointment, or ask questions about how to get a COVID-19 test at the desired location.

    Free language services are available at most locations.

    For more information, please visit Snohomish Health testing.

  • For vaccination locations, go to Vaccinate WA or call 1-800-525-0127.

    If your child has special health care needs, or needs a private environment for vaccination, please consult a healthcare provider.

  • Washington State Department of Health has a section of frequently asked questions that will help answer questions you might have about COVID-19 vaccinations. Here are a few samples of those FAQs: 

    • Does my child need to get the COVID-19 vaccine to go to K-12 school or child care?

      No, Washington currently does not require the COVID-19 vaccine for children to attend K-12 school or child care. See our immunizations page for more information about the current requirements.

      If your child isn’t vaccinated against COVID-19, you do not need to get a certificate of exemption since the vaccine isn’t required. The Washington State Board of Health determines which vaccines are required for schools and child care.

    • What do I need to know before I get my vaccine? Please see the new fact sheet Getting Vaccinated for COVID-19 (PDF)
    • What is a vaccine administration fee?The vaccine administration fee is the fee a health care provider charges to give you the vaccine. This is separate from the cost of the vaccine itself. 
    • Who pays for the vaccine adminstration fee? The federal government will pay for the full cost of the vaccine. If you have public or private health insurance, your vaccine provider may bill them to get reimbursed for the vaccine administration fee. If you do not have insurance, the federal government offers a program that will pay the provider to administer your vaccination.

      You should not be charged out of pocket costs or receive a bill from your provider for the COVID-19 vaccine administration fee. This applies to people who have private insurance, have Apple Health (Medicaid), have Medicare, or are uninsured. 

  • Mukilteo School District strongly advises all staff and students to follow the travel guidance provided by Gov. Inslee and the CDC. This may include testing and quarantine after you return home. Testing and quarantine protocols differ based on travel location and vaccination status.

    When that is not possible, please watch your family's symptoms very carefully. Keep all your students home and get tested if you see any symptoms after returning from travel.

    Center for Disease Control’s current COVID-19 travel advisory guidance

    • CDC's Guidance on Domestic Travel (vaccinated and unvaccinated)
    • CDC's Guidance on International Travel (vaccinated and unvaccinated)

    See the CDC’s Frequently Asked Questions for more information.


  • Close contact tracing and notifying families of positive cases is no longer required. However, families will be notified if there is an outbreak (defined as 5 or more linked positive cases in a class or group within 7 days). 

    Families should monitor their child every day for symptoms and keep them home from school and other activities if they do not feel well. Please call the school the same day to report the absence. If COVID testing is performed, please report positive AND negative test results as soon as possible.  

    • Symptoms will be evaluated by health room staff.
    • Sick students will be isolated from others if it is determined their symptoms are consistent with possible COVID. 
    • We will call you to report symptoms and ask you to pick up your child right away.
    • When you arrive to sign out your student, we will provide testing information and recommend when your student may return.

    When you have a test result (negative or positive) please call your school so can update their attendance and health records.  

  • Thank you for notifying your school!

    School staff will determine if your child's absence is COVID-related. School office staff will provide you with recommendations for when your student may return to school after they have recovered. The school nurse may call you for more details if a COVID test result is positive. 

  • Please be sure to call the school with any positive test result so we can update their attendance and health records and watch for potentially linked cases. 

  • The first step is to reach out to your school nurse to see if the condition is documented in their health record. If it is not, the nurse or health room aide will recommend you contact your child's healthcare provider for a letter describing the condition that is causing COVID-like symptoms. 

  • Teachers may assign work and independent learning for students during an illness-related absence. Teachers will not be able to provide virtual instruction to students while they are temporarily at home. 

  • Masks are no longer required at school, but they are recommended. Once a staff or student is cleared to return to school after testing positive for COVID, it is recommended they wear a mask through at least day 10 after their symptoms began.  

    Well-fitting masks ARE required in nurses' rooms and health rooms as they are considered healthcare environments.