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Goal 4: Organizational Effectiveness

Decision-making should be transparent, based on trusted and understandable data, and clearly documented. Continuous improvement will enable agile supports that evolve with changing needs within our community. This work involves engaging every part of our constituency in ways that result in stronger relationships around our shared priority: students.

Outcome Metrics

  • Increase overall service quality based on unique performance indicators for each department
  • Goal and strategy leads capture, analyze, and report progress regularly and share publicly at least once per year

Priority Strategies

  • We regularly assess and improve practices to better serve our customers in support of student success.

    Key activities:

    • Develop and implement a process to assess and improve districtwide systems and practices.
    • Analyze district business and support services to identify gaps in service needs, prioritizing the district’s strategic goals.
    • Grow districtwide comprehensive safety program.
  • Strong two-way communication and involvement build relationships, trust, and engagement.

    Key activities:

    • Identify and adopt districtwide communications best practices.
    • Provide training and support for district-adopted communication tools.
    • Gather ongoing feedback from all audiences to gauge progress and evolving needs.