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File Transfer

When leaving the Mukilteo School District, if you need to keep any of your files you will need to retrieve them from Google Drive or OneDrive before your account is closed and files are deleted.  It is easy to move these to another location before then and here is how!

External Drive - Windows File Explorer

You can copy files to an external USB flash drive or hard drive. Using Windows File Explorer, you can send files and folders to your external drive. To download files from OneDrive or Google Drive the suggested browser is Chrome. Before downloading, change the download location settings in Chrome (Settings, Downloads, and toggle on the "Ask where to save each file before downloading" option). This will let you choose where you want to download the files (your external drive).

Screenshot of the Settings menu for Google Chrome

In OneDrive and Google Drive you can download files and folders to your external drive.

Google Drive Files - Google Takeout

Google has a web site called Google Takeout that allows you to select data to include in a download or takeout. You most likely will just need to takeout your Drive folders. Deselecting all options, then selecting Google Drive, will allow you to export or move all your Google Drive files.

Options include: (1) choosing file formats, (2) advanced settings allowing you to include additional file naming options, and (3) which data to export allowing you to choose folders. Finally, (4) click “Next step” to move on.

Screenshot with numbers showing where to click for Google Takeout

On the next screen, you will choose a delivery option. You can choose to get a download link, download from your Google Drive, add to Dropbox, add to OneDrive, or add to Box. Finalize by clicking the “Create export” button to get your files.

OneDrive Files - Mover

Like Google Takeout, Microsoft has a tool called Mover that allows you to migrate your Office365 (OneDrive) files to another OneDrive location. After signing-in with your Mukilteo School District information, you will need to select a source and destination.

Screenshot of the Microsoft tool Mover

For source, authorize your OneDrive for Business (Single User) connection. For your destination, you will need a OneDrive connection. You might need to set up a personal Outlook Account to setup a personal OneDrive account. After authorizing both connections, click the Start Copy button to begin the copying process.