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Thank you

Thank You

I want to thank the many people who provided their experiences, thoughts, and expertise as we developed this plan. We conducted over 110 in-depth interviews with staff, families, students, and community members about their experiences with our district. We couldn’t have done that without the interviewers who spent hours in training, interviewing, and summarizing the stories and experiences people shared. We had several ThoughtExchanges open for all to share their thoughts and feedback related to the strategic plan. We also met with families during parent cafés and family forums. You can see the summaries of those efforts on the Strategic Plan website.

A working group composed of parents, community partners, staff, and students studied those responses as well as a variety of district data sources. They synthesized the information and began to prioritize the need to create draft goals and strategies. Administrators helped develop activities and methods to help us measure our progress. I’m grateful for both teams’ work and good thinking.

Finally, I would like to thank the Board of Directors for their support of this vision and the many hours they spend in service of students and families.

This has truly been a community effort and will continue to be as the plan and our strategies evolve over the next several years. Thank you for partnering with us to help students be their best and experience academic and lifelong success.


- Dr. Alison Brynelson, Superintendent