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Goal 3: Collective Responsibility for Student Success

Employees are at the core of our students’ success. We will attract, support, and retain a diverse workforce, provide ongoing professional development, and ensure a culture of belonging within the organization.

Outcome Metrics

  • Increase the percentage of staff who respond positively to questions about belonging
  • Increase staff professional growth opportunities
  • Increase staff diversity to better reflect student diversity

Priority Strategies

  • A diverse, high-quality staff increases student achievement by enabling students to interact and identify with adults from different backgrounds and experiences.

    Key activities:

    • Implement ongoing anti-bias training for all administrators responsible for hiring.
    • Develop and implement a program to recruit high-quality staff that reflects diverse representation.
    • Create and implement a staff retention plan.
    • Refine the exit interview process.
  • All employees understand their individual roles and responsibilities. We provide meaningful staff development opportunities and career growth options.

    Key activities:

    • Expand districtwide professional development opportunities to address the needs of all staff.
    • Create mentorship opportunities.
    • Coach and support staff to meet role expectations.
    • Define pathways for career advancement.
  • Staff have a sense of belonging across work groups and are acknowledged and celebrated for their contribution to
    student success.

    Key activities:

    • Promote and celebrate roles across the district.
    • Provide collaboration opportunities for all staff.
    • Expand social and emotional support for staff.
    • Acknowledge and celebrate staff through awards, recognitions, and accomplishments.