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Technology Troubleshooting

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Contact your Student's teacher or School Main Office.

  • You Tube Translations

    1. View the video on YouTube at Youtube.
    2. Click the CC (Subtitles/Closed Caption) button to turn on subtitles.
    3. Click the Settings gear.
    4. Click the Subtitles/CC - English (auto-generated) arrow.
    5. Click Auto-translate to show the list of available languages.
    6. Scroll and select your preferred language.

    The subtitles/closed caption text should now be displayed in your preferred language.


  • If you are trying to sign into your district computer, make sure you have a internet connection.


    If you are having trouble signing into Schoology, you may need to clear your browsing data. You can find the instructions for Google Chrome here. Microsoft Edge users can find instructions here. Afterward, try to sign into Schoology again.


    If you can't update your own password, work with your teacher, Librarian, or Computer Specialist to reset your District password. 

  • Talk to with your teacher, Librarian, or Computer Specialist to troubleshoot the issues you are experiencing.  School staff can help swap out your district-issued device if needed.

  • It is important to take care of your device and we can push out automatic updates. Please follow these steps to keep your checked out student device up-to-date.

    1. Restart Daily. This will install any updates that have downloaded while you were working the day before.
    2. Choose one or two nights a week to leave your device plugged in, powered on, and connected to your home network (WiFi). This will download important updates between 10pm and 2am and install. 
  • In order for your checked out Mukilteo School District student device to connect to your home WiFi, you need to first log on while connected to your school's WiFi network. This will load your profile on the device. If your password has expired, you will need to contact your teacher to reset your password or use this online form to reset your password.

  • In the Chrome browser you can download Google Translate to translate pages and speak content in various languages.

    How to turn on Translate Video


    Video Descriptions

    0:00 - Learn how to install the Google Translate Chrome extension.

    0:08 - Open the Chrome browser.

    0:11 - Go to Google Chrome .

    0:30 - Search for Google Translate in the search box.

    0:34 - Click Add to Chrome.

    0:35 - Click Add Extension.

    0:39 - The Google Translate Chrome extension is now installed and avalilable to use.

    0:43 - When on a web page you want translated to a language, click the Google Translate extension icon.

    0:47 - When the Google Translate pop-up box is displayed, click translate this page.

    0:52 - Click the dropdown button to display the available languages. Click your preferred language.

    0:58 - The page is now translated into your preferred language.

    1:03 - Click the Google Translate extension icon and then Extension Options to customize options.

    1:06 - The Google Translate options allow you to choose your primary language.

    1:11 - You can also choose pop-up translation options.

    1:13 - Click save to save options.

    1:20 - Pop-up options allow you to highlight text and then click the Google Translate icon to translate the text.

    1:27 - You can click the speech icon to read the translated text aloud. 

    1:39 - End of video.


  • You can see a list of the connected Google accounts by visiting Google Accounts Chooser. Make sure you select your Mukilteo School District account or if that account is not visble, click Use another account.

  • When joining a Zoom meeting, click on the link provided by your teacher and follow the steps outlined here. Use the "join from your browser" option, shown below.

    How to join a Zoom meeting video


    Video Descriptions

    0:00 - Learn how to join your teacher's Zoom Meeting.

    0:06 - Click your teacher's Zoom Meeting link where it is posted.

    0:11 - When prompted to open the Zoom App, click cancel.

    0:17 - At the bottom of the message click join from your browser.

    0:22 - Type your real name so your teacher will recognize you.

    0:31 - Click join, to join the meeting.

    0:37 - End of video.

    0:28 - Click the box to verify you are human.


  • Zoom requires a strong WiFi connection. Moving closer to your wireless router or access point will improve the streaming quality. Also, shutting down programs that are not needed will allow your computer to perform better. 

  • The Outlook logo.


    Students now have access to a Mukilteo School District email account. Always use digital citizenship skills when composing and replying to email messages. Below are some tips to get started.

    Here is a how-to resource to help you get started:


    Accessing Your Outlook Account
    From the Student Site or from within the Microsoft 365 portal you can access your Outlook on the web account. Use your full email address and regular password when logging in.

    A screenshot of a student's Office 365 homepage.

    Reading a Message
    Click on the message heading to see the full message to the right. To reply, click Reply.

    A screenshot of an email from a teacher to a student.

    Starting a New Message
    1. At the top of the page, select +New message.

    A screenshot of an email with a blue background.

    2. On the To line, enter the name or email address of the person who will receive the message.

    3. On the Add a subject line, enter a brief description of what your message is about.

    4. To attach a file to your message, select Attach.

    5. Type your message and then select Send.

    A blank email with the option to "Meet Now".

    Manage your Calendar
    You also have access to a calendar to organize your schedule.

    1. At the bottom of the page, select Calendar Icon.

    2. Click on the calendar at the day and time when you'd like the event to occur. Or, select New event at the top of the page.

    3. Add a title to your event. If it's an all-day event, select the All day toggle.

    4. You can set additional optional items on the full event form. Select arrow icon or More details and then select the following options:

    • Select Busy to choose how your status will appear during the event, or to make the event private.
    • Select Categorize to choose a category for the event.
    • Select Response options to choose if you want to request responses from attendees, allow the meeting request to be forwarded, or hide the attendee list.
    • Select Optional to add optional attendees.
    • Select Repeat to make this a recurring event, and then choose the dates when you want the series to begin and end.
    • Select Remind me to choose when you want to be reminded about the event. By default, the reminder time is set to 15 minutes before the event.

    5. Select Save if this is an appointment you created for yourself or Send if this is a meeting with attendees.

    Mange your Contacts
    Your school contacts are already available. You can also send the teachers in your building a message. To add a new contact from scratch, follow these steps.

    1. Select the People icon people icon on the navigation pane.

    2. On the People page, on the toolbar, select New contact.

    A screenshot of a computer screen with a hand clicking the "New Contact" button in Outlook.

    3. Enter details for the contact. Select Add more to add more information

    4. Select Create.